Long List of Goodbyes

So the goodbyes to our friends, places, and things of our home here in Conroe have begun.

Friday was our middle child’s last day of preschool, and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears, knowing that she would not return next year, nor would our youngest attend.

Last night I hosted a small gathering of the ladies on my block for a casual game night. One last chance to gab with them all together, and it was fantastic. We see our neighbors practically every day at the bus stop, or driving past each other on our street. I’ll be very sad not to see them on a daily basis.

Tomorrow we’re having a large gathering at our house. It will give all of us – my husband, kids, and I – the chance to say farewell to all of our friends here in the Conroe/Houston area. And right before we move, I’m having one last hurrah with my mom’s group. I’ve got friends in so many different places, I felt it was important to take time to say goodbye to them all.

In the meantime, the packing and garage sale prep will continue like mad until our moving date on June 5th – little time to see folks after this weekend. It’s hard to build bonds like these with our friends and neighbors, especially the older we get, but I am sure we will again in Brenham.


Countdown to departure

Had my first rather sad reminder that we are leaving today. My local mom and tot group has started to post June events, and of course I won’t be able to attend most of them. I’ve not yet connected with a mom’s group in Brenham. Hopefully will find one soon. I’ve been really blessed with my current group – they are a wonderfully supportive group of ladies, and I’ll miss them all dearly.