On the move!

Yes, we’re on the move, and we don’t mean moving from one place to another. We met with our two architects this week! Each one had a different style and approach to design after touring our loft. Now we wait to see what they can do with our ideas. Once we receive initial quotes and plans, we’ll have the tough job of deciding which architect to go with.

In the meantime, in an effort to help the kids make friends, we’ve signed them up for a whole bunch of classes that they started this week. And Heath and I went out on a date to a local market/biergarten to hear some live music. We even got to pick up some farm fresh goodies to take home with us at the end of the night! I’ve taken a break from doing historic research to research items for our loft. Today it was rooftop access doors and skylights. Just one of many things to think about and plan for our renovations.

Our temporary home in our townhouse is shaping up nicely. Still a handful of boxes to unpack, but we have our first visitors from our old hometown of Conroe arriving on Friday, so hopefully we’ll be in pretty good shape by then.

Overall, we’re doing great here in Brenham!


Fun Zeiss Advertisement

To catch everyone up, our move from Conroe to Brenham was successful. We’re now living in a quaint townhouse a mere block away from the William Zeiss Building, making it very convenient for renovations. In fact, from our balcony, we can see the rooftop of the building that is connect to ours on the east side!

Later this month we’ll be meeting with the two final architects that we are considering. Very excited to get this process started! One of the architects is located directly across the street from our townhouse. Small town, indeed.

On to something juicy! While taking a break from packing, I remembered some research I’d been doing on a Texas history website, The Portal to Texas History. Specifically, I was trying to find mention of William Zeiss and the building on Main Street. In the December 3, 1881 edition of the Brenham Banner, I found this great advertisement for Mr. Zeiss’ bakery. I might just have to get this printed and framed! Here’s the excerpt:

Wm Zeiss Bakery Ad Dec 3 1881


Back to unpacking!

Long List of Goodbyes

So the goodbyes to our friends, places, and things of our home here in Conroe have begun.

Friday was our middle child’s last day of preschool, and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears, knowing that she would not return next year, nor would our youngest attend.

Last night I hosted a small gathering of the ladies on my block for a casual game night. One last chance to gab with them all together, and it was fantastic. We see our neighbors practically every day at the bus stop, or driving past each other on our street. I’ll be very sad not to see them on a daily basis.

Tomorrow we’re having a large gathering at our house. It will give all of us – my husband, kids, and I – the chance to say farewell to all of our friends here in the Conroe/Houston area. And right before we move, I’m having one last hurrah with my mom’s group. I’ve got friends in so many different places, I felt it was important to take time to say goodbye to them all.

In the meantime, the packing and garage sale prep will continue like mad until our moving date on June 5th – little time to see folks after this weekend. It’s hard to build bonds like these with our friends and neighbors, especially the older we get, but I am sure we will again in Brenham.

Countdown to Moving Day

We have a new countdown in the sidebar: countdown to our (tentative) moving day from Conroe to Brenham. Let the panic begin! Every time I pack a box, I think I’m making progress… until I look around and see how much more we have to pack! Rest assured, mountains of stuff is getting sold and donated, but even still, there’s lots to pack with a house of five humans and a dog.

Our closing date is June 8th, so we’ll need to be out before that day so we can have our Conroe house cleaned up and ready to go when we hand over the keys to the new owners. I hope that gives us enough time. Now accepting offers of assistance for moving and cleaning!

Countdown to departure

Had my first rather sad reminder that we are leaving today. My local mom and tot group has started to post June events, and of course I won’t be able to attend most of them. I’ve not yet connected with a mom’s group in Brenham. Hopefully will find one soon. I’ve been really blessed with my current group – they are a wonderfully supportive group of ladies, and I’ll miss them all dearly.


I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m so excited: after receiving several offers on our house, yesterday we picked one! We are elated! If all goes well, we will close in early June, allowing our eldest to finish his school year at his current school.

We’ve also found a lovely townhouse to rent in Brenham while we do our renovations on the Zeiss Building. It just happens to be a short walk from the Zeiss Building, making it very easy for us to access it when we need to. Plus, it has space for us to house guests – those of our family and friends who said they wish to help with renovations will have a free place to stay! Yay!

And lastly, we submitted our project to a list of architects in the Brenham area, and have already received some responses. Once we settle on an architect, and have a price estimate on construction costs, we’ll be able to apply for our construction loan. First order of business will be to hire professionals to remove the lead paint and asbestos. Then, we (and hopefully friends and family) will do most, if not all, of the deconstruction.

So, between now and the middle of June, we’ll be busy packing, cleaning, and unpacking.

It’s Official!

The next step in our journey has begun. We now have a “For Sale” sign in front of our house in Conroe. We’re so excited about our future adventures in Brenham, but it will be hard to leave our house. With the exception of our year and a half spent living in Switzerland, we’ve lived here in this house for nearly 11 years. We’ve had two dogs, two cats, and three kids. We’ve made dear friends of most of our immediate neighbors, who coincidentally each have children close in ages to our own. We also have many friends in the area that we will dearly miss.

We’ve been spending the past few months de-cluttering, cleaning (those Magic Erasers are the bomb!), painting, sorting, and slowly filling up a storage unit in Brenham with our things. We’ve still got more to do, but after talking with our realtor, we reached a point where the house was acceptable to show, and the sign went up on Thursday. On Friday we had one showing. On Saturday we had another, and on Sunday, we had THREE showings! I took up an offer from a friend of crashing at her house for a few hours on Sunday, and her three children and mine had a blast playing on their huge property. They even have chickens!

Toddler vs Chicken

Anyway, back to the house. We’ve still got some de-cluttering to do, plus a lot of things hiding in closets and under beds. We’ve had the living room repainted a nice tame boring beige, and right at this moment, I’m taking a break from painting the connecting hallway the same color. The kitchen is a huge painting project that I’m dreading and hoping we can pay someone to do. I will need to borrow an extension ladder to do the dining room, and then we’ll move on to the floors. We’ll stretch and clean the carpets for now. If we have trouble selling it, we might replace some of the carpet with hardwood. And if all else fails, we’ll have to redo the kitchen countertops and cabinets. Big ugh!

So, my break is up – back to painting. If you have any good home-selling juju to spare, send it our way! The higher price we get for our home, the more money we’ll have to put towards construction!