In the news! (Sort of)

My parents, who live in the Dallas area, were watching the news this evening, and lo and behold, our building popped up in the background of an article about Blue Bell Ice Cream! The article discusses the economic downturn of Brenham since the factory closures and layoffs. If you watch the video below, right at the 0:55 mark you’ll see the nicely renovated grey three-story building, and a larger two-story green-ish building next to it. The two story is our building.

Thanks to my mom and dad for spotting our building’s 10 seconds of fame!


A Visit to our Future Hometown

Today we took a jaunt westward to Brenham, taking a load of boxes with us to put in our storage unit there. Since it was a Saturday, downtown Brenham was quite lively. On our previous visits, we’d generally gone on a Sunday. Lots of locals and tourists having fun on the streets. We took a peek in some of the antique shops.


I found a bench I would love to buy and re-upholster, but $795 is too rich for our blood after paying all of those taxes.


The Bluebell Creamery is only open for tours Monday through Friday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a world of flavors in the local shops.


Even the baby made a new friend:


But best of all, I captured a preliminary video of our place. I hope to work with a friend on a better one in the future, but for now, take a closer look at the beginnings of our project: