Long Overdue Update

Hello family and friends and followers!


We know it’s been ages since a proper update, but as you can guess, we’ve been super busy!


To start with, we applied and received our construction permit!!! YAY!!! One more piece of paper on the front door allowing us to proceed!


As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve stopped all demolition on the “Phase 2” (i.e. our final living space), and are focusing only on the “Phase 1” (the efficiency and two bedroom apartments). In January, February, and March, we’ve laid down the base flooring for the efficiency apartment and half of the two bedroom apartment. We need to replace the floor joists in the rear of the two bedroom apartment before we can lay down flooring. This is the area on the southern side of the building where the “deck” was.


Since demolition and removal of all of the interior walls in Phase 1, some of the ceiling pieces have started to sag somewhat. Through lots of creativity, Heath was able to add two temporary support walls, even using a jack to push the rafters back up. He’ll also be going up into the ceiling to raise the joists and adding supports there.


We now have walls framed for nearly all of the efficiency apartment, including the bathroom and closet for the stackable washer and dryer.


And as of this weekend, we’ve got part of the walls framed up for the two bedroom, including the living room and part of the master bath and the laundry room.


Last, but not least, various helpers (including my bestie’s Dad, Frank, who is a Master Mason) have been slowly filling in the brick walls that were cut in to in previous renovations. Many thanks to Scott and Erin, too, for helping us lay some brick! And most especially, my cousin Mike, whose construction knowledge was much appreciated by Heath!



We unfortunately have roof leaks – AGAIN! Got a call in to our roofer to come take a look and get these last two leaks taken care of once and for all!

20170305_103413   20170305_103543

We’ll be taking a weekend off for Spring Break, but returning to work on March 18th and 19th if anyone wants to join us. Here’s our Work Weekends from now to June.

  • March 25/26
  • April 1/2
  • April 8/9
  • April 22/23
  • April 29/30
  • May 6/7
  • May 20/21
  • May 27 MOVING DAY (We will be moving either in to the lofts or into a different rental – we won’t be staying in our current rental for various reasons)

Please please please come and help if you can. No experience or tools necessary – just show up wearing close-toed shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in. I promise it is a lot of fun, and we’ll feed you lunch, and give you a place to sleep for the weekend if you need it.

So what’s left for Heath and I to do for Phase 1?

  • Finish filling in the gaps in the brick wall
  • Finish framing all of the walls
  • Add floor joists to the southern section of Phase 1 (and lay the floors and add the framing)
  • Build new stairs
  • Drywall interior walls
  • Plaster brick walls
  • Sand interior doors and varnish or paint them (we’re restoring most of the old doors)
  • Lay tile in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Restore and install wood floors
  • Paint (this could possibly wait until June)
  • Install crown molding (this could possibly wait until June)

Plus, we need to get our fire sprinkler system installed, electric lines run, HVAC installed, plumbing finished (we have the rough-ins), 2 hour fire layer installed, windows repaired or new ones installed, and spray foam installation done. These are all professional jobs we’re hiring out. We are still waiting on the last fire sprinkler estimate and the last window estimate.

We’ve come in to a bit of discussion about the windows, but I think I’ll save that for another blog post. And I also have another video tour coming up soon!


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