1937 Construction & Design Prints

Howdy Crew!

I forgot I had these and wanted to share. When we were doing the due diligence of the property, one of the in town Architects, Ben Boettcher, was kind enough to search his company’s archives. It would appear that his company, BBA Architects LP, formed when Ben purchased it from Travis Broesche, the local State of Texas Registered Architect in Brenham. These drawings were done in 1937, and made a proposal on updating the exterior of the building to the standards of the day. A few of the proposals were done in the down stairs sections (Bathrooms for sure) that I can see. Unfortunately, the building was updated again in the 70s, and we may have lost the transformation to the ravages of time.  Only one entry remains the same, and that is the entry to the stairs on the front elevation. You can find the drawing below as well as a PDF file with more details here: 1937 Zeiss Building Construction Documents 1937_Zeiss_Building_Const Proposed Front


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