Latest Finds in the Loft

So, for most of the month of March, due to other obligations, we didn’t work on the loft. The lack of noise must have made this dove very comfortable, as she had two wee eggs in her nest.

Hopefully we didn’t startle her too badly. Heath went up for a bit to work on the loft on Saturday, and our friends’ toddler and our kids were running amok. The poor dove kept leaving her next to dash across the alley to the building behind us. As long as she or her babies doesn’t come inside the window, we’re fine.


Momentarily placated with chips and electronics

We’ve got a big work weekend coming up April 16th and 17th, so please feel free to drop in for that. As usual, we’ll feed you and beer you, and give you a place to shower and crash. This weekend’s fare will include some great boudin, straight from the LA source. You don’t need any skills, just a pair of work gloves, and a willingness to work. Our aim is to get all of the ceiling pulled down, the last few remaining walls, and pull a lot of nails from a lot of lumber. If there’s time and enough people, we might even get to start taking a look under the floors. Check your invites on Facebook if you want to join in on the fun, or comment on this blog post.

In the meantime, Heath will be spending every spare minute in the loft. We need to get as much work done as we can before the Texas temperatures make it unbearable for working in an un-airconditioned building.

Many of you have asked when our project will be finished. We really have no idea. I’m hoping by Christmas of this year, maybe even Thanksgiving. A lot depends on how the floor structure looks once we expose it.


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