Lots of Changes!

So, to update you all on what’s been going on on the project specifically before we have our big demo weekends, let’s look at some new pictures I snapped with my cell phone yesterday while we were up in the loft meeting with a roofing contractor.

Heath has taken down nearly the whole wall between the front and back half of the building.


Parts of it were challenging, as not all of it was dry wall. Some were huge wood planks that we’ll happily reuse elsewhere in the project. Heath also has taken out most of the old air ducts, and tons of ancient electric cords (don’t worry, everything was cut when the pros came in to turn on a tiny bit of electricity for us).


We’ve also removed all of the ceiling tiles in the large room on the south-west side of the building. Next up will be to remove the drop-ceiling structure, and reuse the wood. Heath also took out the wall to the closet that I’m standing in.

And I forgot to snap a picture of it, but about 2/3rds of the drywall on the east side of the building is gone, now, too. Historical documents suggest that there used to be a door on the west side between our building and the Bassett and Bassett Bank building next door to us, but we’ve yet to find it. Maybe it will be found this weekend during demolition?

Still to be done? Tons! We have to remove all of the ceiling tiles in the huge “dancefloor” area on the north east side, carefully remove shiplap and tongue and groove panels from the north west section, remove the dropped ceilings on the south half of the building, carefully remove 2 air units hanging from the ceiling, and remove a few more walls. Hoping we can tackle all of these tasks this weekend.

The following weekend we’ll have a dumpster ordered up. We’ll finish work not done one the previous weekend. And then we’ll need to empty the loft of all of the unusable bits, and there are a lot.

The (nearly) final item on the demo list will be taking up the floors. Huge project, as we want to save as much of that gorgeous hardwood flooring as possible. Last demo item I believe is removing the current rear wall, windows, and bathroom where the deck will be, but we have to repair and seal up the floor first, and construct the new rear wall further in.


Really old bird’s nests in the walls (nope, not insulation – lots of feathers and related debris). This is a rear wall that will be removed once we finish out the deck.

I might have forgotten something on the demo list, but there you go.

After demo, we’ll likely start from the ground up, starting with installing a soundproof sub-floor, plumbing, and electric. Then walls, ceiling and insulation. Easy-peasy, right? 😉

Again, anyone who wants to come help, we welcome an extra set of hands. Just bring your own gloves!


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