Four Corners


I don’t have some fancy video software for morphing pictures, so here’s my best take on it. I’ve been taking a shot from each of the four corners of the interior of the building periodically to keep track of the progression. The three consistent dates I have so far are:

  • August 2014 – we first viewed the building when it was still for sale
  • November 2015 – after the asbestos and lead paint removal
  • January 2016 – mid-demo, but before the big demo day

And here’s a description of the corners:

  • NE: This started out as a pink bathroom. In the first photo, I’m actually standing in a bathroom stall, and you can see some of the lead-paint pink stall on the left. Not much to see from this angle right now, but after those walls come down this weekend, you’ll likely be able to see all the way to the other end of the building.
  • NW: This is where I hope to have my corner office/craft room. I love that the windows look out on a pretty part of Main Street with a tree just below. This area held lots and lots of dances and balls at one time. In the second picture, the paint is stripped down to the plaster, and doors removed. And in the final one, we’ve got walls down.
  • SW: I’m standing in what possibly will be the master bath eventually. This room was carpeted, and there was a closet where I stood, which is now opened up. During the asbestos removal, the plaster was taken off the brick wall, and the lower half of the wall separating this area from the dance floor was removed as well. And the carpet, too. Then Heath got all of the ceiling tiles down (though, the dropped ceiling remains, and needs to go), as well as a whole bunch of pipes and electric lines.
  • SE: This was most recently a kitchen for a small apartment that was upstairs I think in the 80s. All of the lead paint was stripped, as well as the cabinets. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the wall post-lead paint removal, because Heath took out the whole wall. Eventually this will be part of the deck belonging to one of the two apartments that we’ll be constructing in addition to our own.

So that’s all for now. Time to go clean house before house guests arrive on Friday.


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