Fall Plans

So, I was so tired last night after all of the work we did over the weekend that I forgot to post what’s happening next at Zeiss Lofts.


Trim that will have to be removed (and then replaced) to make way for electric and plumbing lines.

This week we’ll have asbestos removal. I drove by the building this morning, and the crew was already there and working. There’s very little asbestos to remove, luckily. Next week they’ll be removing all of the lead paint.

After that, demolition officially begins! Hopefully we’ll soon have our final plans in hand from the architect. Walls will be exposed to the studs, trim removed where we need to run electrical lines, rip out all of the nasty old carpet, the ceiling will be exposed, and the floor needs to be carefully taken up so we can run plumbing and electrical lines.

To save money, we’ll be doing all of the demolition ourselves. And hopefully those of you who have offered to help can come do so. I’ll be posting work weekends as soon as we finalize a few more details. Demolition will likely continue thru January at least.

Stay tuned! Next post in about two weeks, hopefully with pictures post lead-paint removal!


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