Doors Doors Doors

We’ve spent the last two weekends working on removing doors and other items from the second story in preparation for the lead paint and asbestos removal that starts tomorrow morning. So many new items found, and original designs revealed!


More pretty shiplap!


Transom window painted mint green


So many doors! We’ll get to reuse many of them in the new construction. Most we’ll strip the paint down to the original varnish.


Heath found an original window casing that opens up into a rear room. The room used to be a deck, and it might be once again, by the time we’re finished.


A second window casing found. You can see the original exterior wall.


Picture for prosperity – the bottom trim work of a door frame. Unfortunately there’s too much paint on it to preserve, so we’ll attempt to recreate it.


More trim, a little more simple, but again, we’ll have to recreate instead of restore.


On a previous renovation, someone turned a piece of trim work upside down and used it as a support for a light switch panel. Uncovered it when we tore into the wall.


Heath kicking in some sheet rock.


More pretty wood that is hiding under carpet. Unfortunately a little dry-rot, too.


Close up of the dry-rot.


More wood floors, more dry-rot.


Anyone missing their Shape Master 1000?


And last but not least, about 30 doors safely out of the way and in storage. Man! They were heavy!


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