First Help Request – Doors

We’ve got our architect. We’ve got our lead paint and asbestos removal company. We’ve got our abatement monitoring company (yes, required). Now, it’s time to remove the items we really want to keep before everything gets scoured clean.

We have a bunch of odds and ends, mostly doors and doorknobs that we’ll have hand-restored.  Especially the really cool “Dutch Door” or split door that is located in a dilapidated kitchen. Hopefully it will have new life as a pantry door in the loft.


As of this post, we don’t have an exact date yet of when the abatement will take place, but since they are required to give the state of Texas a 10 day notice, we have at least that long. So, over the next two weeks or so, we’ll be removing doors from hinges and closets and moving them downstairs into a storage area. If anyone is free in the evening or for a few hours on the weekend to help us knock out this task, we’d really appreciate it. Just let us know.


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