On the move!

Yes, we’re on the move, and we don’t mean moving from one place to another. We met with our two architects this week! Each one had a different style and approach to design after touring our loft. Now we wait to see what they can do with our ideas. Once we receive initial quotes and plans, we’ll have the tough job of deciding which architect to go with.

In the meantime, in an effort to help the kids make friends, we’ve signed them up for a whole bunch of classes that they started this week. And Heath and I went out on a date to a local market/biergarten to hear some live music. We even got to pick up some farm fresh goodies to take home with us at the end of the night! I’ve taken a break from doing historic research to research items for our loft. Today it was rooftop access doors and skylights. Just one of many things to think about and plan for our renovations.

Our temporary home in our townhouse is shaping up nicely. Still a handful of boxes to unpack, but we have our first visitors from our old hometown of Conroe arriving on Friday, so hopefully we’ll be in pretty good shape by then.

Overall, we’re doing great here in Brenham!


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