Fun Zeiss Advertisement

To catch everyone up, our move from Conroe to Brenham was successful. We’re now living in a quaint townhouse a mere block away from the William Zeiss Building, making it very convenient for renovations. In fact, from our balcony, we can see the rooftop of the building that is connect to ours on the east side!

Later this month we’ll be meeting with the two final architects that we are considering. Very excited to get this process started! One of the architects is located directly across the street from our townhouse. Small town, indeed.

On to something juicy! While taking a break from packing, I remembered some research I’d been doing on a Texas history website, The Portal to Texas History. Specifically, I was trying to find mention of William Zeiss and the building on Main Street. In the December 3, 1881 edition of the Brenham Banner, I found this great advertisement for Mr. Zeiss’ bakery. I might just have to get this printed and framed! Here’s the excerpt:

Wm Zeiss Bakery Ad Dec 3 1881


Back to unpacking!


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