First Hit to the Wallet

So, in order to add to the down-payment for the Zeiss building, we pulled a hefty amount from our savings and retirement. Anywho, today we started our taxes, and it is pretty grim, like five-figure grim. We were expecting a hit, however, and still have two months worth of rent checks coming in from our business renters before our taxes are due to make up the difference between what we owe, and what we had already set aside. Next year’s taxes won’t be so bad, and the year after that we should really be ahead, assuming we are able to build and fill all three of the upper level apartments.

This Saturday we are making a trek out to Brenham to drop another load of our things into storage, and to show a friend of ours the building. If you want to help us load or unload and get a tour of the building, drop me a line. The weather is unfortunately looking ominous for our area and Brenham, so we’re not sure yet if we’ll be renting a truck or borrowing a pickup.


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