Update: Nothing to Report

A lot of you have asked us what is going on with the building now. We’re currently working on two projects related to the building: preparing our current house in Conroe to be put on the market, and submitting our project to home improvement shows.

Our plan is to move to Brenham sometime this summer, and live in a rental house or apartment. Once our house here in Conroe sells, we’ll be able to get our construction loan. The first order of business will be to have the professionals remove all lead paint and asbestos. The next task will be deconstruction – removal of practically everything on the upper level except the support wall and support beam. Many of you have said you want to help with our project, and we are happy to have friends and family to depend on. Our loose plan is to choose several weekends/weeks where we’ll ask for a bunch of folks to come to Brenham and do a bunch of projects.

Right now we’re working on decluttering, packing, painting, and generally cleaning up our current house. If anyone wants to get our kiddos out of our hair, let me know! You can imagine how “helpful” a toddler can be!

The other task I’ve been working on is trying to get one of the major home improvement shows or channels to pick up our project. For me, at least, it isn’t the fame, it isn’t all of the discounts on supplies, nor the high quality of work and skilled labor, but the fact that these shows generally have a short production time of 8 to 9 weeks. I would LOVE to see our project finished quickly and efficiently, rather than having to wait for nine months to a year for us to finish it on our own! That said, if anyone has advice about getting on This Old House, or HGTV, please let me know in the comments. I’ve already made a general submission to both, but not heard anything yet. I’d like to resubmit our project with more pictures, and maybe some video, but I’m not very experienced on the latter. We also have detailed plans for the layout, design, and decor.

That’s all the news from our world.



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